If you asked Jesus into your life for the first time, or have just recommitted your life to Him, well done!

Let us know, we’d love to hear!

If you like, we can also help to connect you to other believers or help you find a local church. You are part of God’s family now!

I just received Jesus!

God has so much more for you!

We would like to encourage you to grow in your relationship with the Lord. You will enjoy discovering God’s purpose for your life!


Talk to God from your heart. Be honest! He loves to hear your voice…

You will learn to recognise His voice too.

And when you need something, you can ask!


The Bible is the word of God. This is where you discover more of who He is and all that He has for you in life…

Most people find it best to start reading in the New Testament (second half).

Get Baptised!

The old has gone, now you have new life in Jesus! Demonstrate it with baptism…

Jesus commanded baptism because He has a whole new life for you! 


You are not alone! Now you have joined God’s family! Christian friends will encourage you in your new faith and you can enjoy getting to know Jesus together…

A Bible-believing church will be a great help in your journey with God.